Why Salesforce certification matters?!!!


Why Certification Matters?

According to the market intelligence firm, IDC, the Salesforce platform-based technology will account for $859 billion in New Business Revenue on a global level. This implies that if overall demand for Salesforce technology increases, Salesforce alone will open up around 3.3 million job opportunities, by the year 2022. This scenario sets a remunerative career with a competitive salary to the certified professionals.

WOOAH! Isn’t that something lucrative? Getting a certificate will provide you with an instant credibility to your prospective employers. This credibility is what then sets you apart from your peer.

Imagine yourself two years from now, appearing for a job interview where hundreds of other suitable candidates are competing along. Scary isn’t it? But trust me, it is during these instances when certification lends a helping hand.

It also becomes easier for the employers to filter out other prospective candidates before even starting the interview. Also at the same time, certification implies that you have put in additional effort. This projects you as a self-motivated individual to an employer and there goes a green signal for you!

There are various kinds of certifications to pick from and the good news is that Salesforces offers you specific certification depending on your career choices and alternatives.

How to Get Started?

How can you decide what certificates you need? There are so many! Ever felt like you are in a middle of the maze and don’t know which direction to seek?

The way to find the answer is in fact pretty easy. You work your way back from the end to the beginning.  A little too philosophical! Actually not! Begin while keeping the end in mind. Decide what you want to be before pursuing the certification.

However, no matter what you want to do with Salesforce or wherever you want to end up, you must start with these two certificates:

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator (ADM 201)
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder (DEV 402)

I know what you must be thinking! I can hear your mind voice going “I wanna be an admin then why do I need the app builder certificate?” Similarly, if you are aiming to be an app developer then you are thinking about the reverse.

The truth is that these two basic certifications will help you obtain a holistic view of the entire process. Accordingly, if you do both the certifications then you will have a fair amount of idea about both the fields.

Once you are done with these two basic certifications, you can go for your specialization. If you are pursuing a career as an Admin (Good luck mate! Admins are the backbone of Salesforce) then you must pursue the following certifications:

  • Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Pursuing a career as a developer is no less fancy either and also offers you with a lot of options. The following certifications are up for grasp:

  • Certified Platform developers I and II
  • Certified Sales Cloud Consultant

If you seek to climb the rope as an Architect, then the following Salesforce certifications become handy:

  • Certified Platform Developer I
  • Certified Sharing/Visibility Designer

Tips and Tricks

Pretty hard to remember the names? You don’t have to. Just click on certification.salesforce.in. You can find anything and everything related to the Salesforce certifications and exams.

You can also click on to the Certification Trailblazer group in the Trailblazer community and fetch all the information you need.

As far as the exams are concerned, do register quickly and don’t think of taking it from home, because you won’t have the scratch papers if you do need them.

Preparation is key. Aim for the Exam Guides and Trailheads links. There is also a lot of contents in the form of Dreamforce or TDX recordings. Making the certification as a team effort is also a decent idea.

If you are planning to get certified along with another peer, nothing like it. Sharing ideas and knowledge obtained from the study materials will enhance your chances of getting certified.

Not only that, sharing and collaborating is the best way to learn and grow and that is what we believe in Salesforce.

Giving the Exam

Always relax and take deep breaths before starting any certification exam. Once you start the exam don’t get stuck with any difficult question.

Time-based exams are always tricky and you need to be careful with your time management.

Now before answering, try to divide a white sheet into 72-segment grid by drawing six vertical lines and 12 horizontal ones. This provides you an individual space to work out each question and decide on the alternate answers.

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