Dynamic Lightning Pages – Another way to say: “What I see is FROM what I Have”!

By the title, many of you might be wondering What do I mean? Right?! Well, When you finish reading this article you will get my perspective.  TING! 😉

So, first let’s see what is Dynamic Lightning Page and how it works. Dynamic Lightning Pages are literally the same lightning pages which you will design with the Lightning App Builder in Salesforce. The new change introduced in #Winter’18 is that this page CAN DO MAGIC with each record’s data. Each Record Details page in Salesforce can look different.

Ok, Let’s break the ice now. So, this Lightning Pages, have the ability to add visibility filters for each component on the page that can either show up on certain data metrics or not show up at all. Or you can also customize these filters to show a particular subset/list of data based on how we set the component’s filters. These are now called Component Visibility Filters in Lightning pages. So any component you drag and drop into the Lightning page will have these filter options to set.

Note: These filters work only for DataTypes – TEXT, NUMBER, BOOLEAN, and PICKLIST. Also, it supports Formula fields but the output value of the formula field should again be of the above 4 DataTypes. 


Let’s cut down the Essay Writing, and get to the action now:

  1. Goto -> Setup -> Lightning App Builder.
  2. Start creating a new Record page (if you are using a custom object and setting up a new record page for the first time).


  1. Goto -> Account Details Page of any account record (our example).
  2. Click on the little gear icon on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Choose “Edit Page”.
  4. Now your App Builder should open up.
  5. Now follow the steps mentioned in the video.

Now check out the below GIF image for the Demo in Action: (If GIF is not loaded.. No Worries.. Just Click Here. )


Considering the Page load issues, I have linked the Youtube video for the Config & Demo.


screencast 2017-09-25 23-55-16


And that’s the end of our Lightning MAGIC Show [Dynamic Lightning Pages] 😛

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